Interview Tip: How to dress to impress

dressing for interview

Interview tip of the day: How to dress to impress

No 2 interviews are the same and an interview for a marketing executive can not be the same as that of a project manager.

However, there are standard issues that apply to all kinds of interviews. The way you dress does have an impact on how the interviewer perceives you as a person. If you can not dress appropriately at the interview, what more when you start working in the company permanently?

– Dress appropriately not indecently
– Avoid short skimpy clothing
– skin-tight fits are inappropriate for interviews
– avoid bright, flashy colors (e.g. red/yellow)
– Never go to an interview in shorts or boxers
– Avoid strong cologne or perfume
– Avoid too much jewelery – and keep accessories to a minimum
– Loose or sagging pants/trousers
– Avoid putting on too much make-up
– Do not wear revealing blouse/tops
– Do not wear a hat/cap in your interview (especially the guys)
– Do not wear flip flops or sandals (especially the guys)
– Avoid having earphones or headphones on your ears during interviewing

– Interview room is not a place for swag. Its a formal meeting for you to impress a potential employer and as such treat it with all seriousness

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