How to make money is the most searched phrase on Google


One of the top online searches across South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya is “how to make money”.

This is according to Luke Mckend, country director for Google South Africa, who says there is a huge interest expressed by Africans in how to use technology to benefit their business.

“We’re very fortunate at Google because people are always asking us questions. Anybody who runs a search is effectively telling us a little bit about what they want to know.

“Users are telling us what they want to do with technology, whether it’s how to make money, how to start a small business or how to do anything really,” he said.

Mckend was speaking at the AfricaCom 2015 conference in Cape Town, and said the key challenges African businesses face is “how to take advantage of the technology that is in front of them”.

“I am less concerned about how technology will transform Africa in the future but what is being done right now.

“I’m not sure we’re making the most of the opportunities that already exist. I’d like to move somewhat beyond raising connectivity as an issue or as a problem, but to start looking at the opportunity right now for every single African business,” he noted


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