Six things that your work should never jeopardise


The upcoming technological advances are not making our day to day professional lives any easier. When one has knocked off from work, their phone will still be ringing non-stop, text messages and emails will be coming in every now and then  from people at work who need immediate responses and we are made to carry technological devices everywhere that notifies you if there is an emergency at work that you have to run to (even on a public holiday/off-day). All this will be at the expense of your resting period that you are meant to value with your friends and your loved ones.

Although most people claim that the minute they get home from work, they disconnect from all the work-related stuff, a current research says otherwise.  The American Psychological Association conducted a study and their results were that over 50% of workers check their emails before and after work, over the weekend and even when they are not feeling well. Adding on, 44% were rated to attempt checking their emails even when they are away on a vacation. It’s clear that the level of commitment to our jobs is really high and according to a Northern Illinois University study that was conducted on this topic, the results confirmed that the belief that people still need to respond to work-related issues after work does result in stress that is long lasting and the researchers named this “telepressure”.

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This type of stress confirms the notion that one cannot fully relax and separate work from pleasure and this is terrible for our health. Despite the fact that stress will increase the risks of a heart disease, it can also cause conditions such as depression, obesity, only to mention a few. It also plays a role in reducing your work performance, which is something that most people do not want to experience. Failure to put a boundary between one’s personal and professional life will unfortunately result in jeopardising their health lives and their personal lives will even suffer too.

The following list is a number of things that one should never attempt to jeopardise because of work. When one fails to build a wall around this list, they will be unconsciously and sadly giving away something of an immeasurable value, one they can never replace in their lives.

  1. Family

Most people spend more time at work and less time with their families. This is so because they feel like they have to work extra hard to maintain their families and its happiness, not knowing that it is actually straining their relationship with the family. Most people are motivated to aim for a better life and put more effort at work because of their children. They always think “I don’t want my children to grow up in the same environment or worse situation that I grew up in, they have to get better”. Such thoughts that mean no harm at all may result in someone putting a huge debt on their family, and that is insufficient quality time. One day all the money you made for your partner and your children will not matter at all, but will regret the time you never spent with them.

  1. Health

Allowing work stress to build up, insufficient sleep and not enough exercise will all lead to your personal health being affected. The only way to not sacrifice your health because of work is to be cautious of everything and not allow things to sneak up on you and you can do this simply by maintaining a consistent routine. All the things you need to do to keep yourself healthy and fit, do them. Take walks during your break at work, do not work when you’re not meant to that is over weekends, holidays and vacations, make a plan and stick to it and as mentioned before, failure to do that will result in you permitting your work to overstep its limitations.

  1. Stability
sometimes its okay to say no
sometimes its okay to say no

If your job is taking a little bit more of your stability then it’s definitely taking more than it should. Your boss cannot keep track of your stability, it’s something that you have to set good limits on and observe closely so as to keep yourself healthy. Most of the time, it’s usually our personal lives that assist in keeping us stable.  When you have worked extra hard on a certain day or week, then your boss asks you for more or to stay at work late, the only reasonable thing you can say is no! Then go home and give that time to your family and friends. Yes, it’s okay to say no to your boss or supervisor, for the right reasons of cause. You can work overtime if you really want to but at the same time you will not be penalised for saying no to your boss when you need time away from work.

  1. Identity

While your work is a major part of your identity, it is not advised for one to allow it to take their whole identity. You will know you have it all wrong when you want to do a list of the things that are of essence to you and work is the only thing that you can think of.  Ensuring an identity outside work boundaries is very important because it assist you in relieving stress, avoids exhaustion and helps you to grow as a person.

  1. Contacts

In the business world people strive to make powerful contacts and while one may think that they owe their bosses their best efforts, the contacts they make on their own are not part of that. They are a result of your OWN hard work, sweat and effort. You might choose to share them but they will still belong to you.

  1. Integrity

You should never find yourself in a position where you feel like you are now sacrificing your integrity because you are undergoing a lot of stress. The moment you notice all that, it means that your beliefs and your actions are no longer going hand in hand, and then you will have to clarify it to your boss that things cannot always be done their way, even if it means parting ways.

To be successful and achieve your goals, you need to have the ability to set good and strong boundaries and stick to them. Every other thing will just automatically fall into place.



  1. This just kicked me in the butt. I need to get round to setting those boundaries between my work and personal life. And not let my phone dictate my life!!!


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