How to have a successful year

Careercity prepare for 2016
Careercity prepare for 2016

How to have a truly successful year

Year after year people set resolutions and goals. However, how often do you actually reflect and examine if these goals have been achieved. Before you start the year, sit down and evaluate your career.

  1. Personal Career audit

Take an honest look at your career – where you’ve been, where you are today, and where you’d like to go. Make clear and realistic goals which you can systematically accomplish.

Avoid self-pity or having a sense of entitlement.

Stop expecting the government to do everything for you. Stop blaming your parents for what they did not do. Stop blaming your spouse or your teachers.

Take responsibility for your life

  1. Associate yourself with successful people

Examine and refine your network & social circle. Focus on the quality not quantity of your network (social or business)

How many people in your professional network or business circle are millionaires? How many of your friends earn 6 figures?

  1. Build a legacy

Your legacy is something that is passed down from one generation to another. It’s not only money that is passed down. You need to pass on your values as well.

You’re building a legacy—like it or not—regardless of your age, sphere of influence or net worth. Every personal interaction, every email, every tweet, like or comment adds to your image to the outside world and this will propagate generationally through friends, family, workmates and associates.

What values, assets, skills or knowledge do you possess that can benefit others.

There is nothing wrong with driving the latest BMW, but ask yourself am I doing this to show off and be seen, or am I adding value to the life of another person? See your life in the long term.

We build wealth to provide for ourselves and our families. The reasons we save and invest is to ensure there is food, shelter, health, education and future opportunities for our children.

Build wealth not riches. Wealth is passed down from generation to generation but riches rarely survive beyond a single generation and benefit fewer people.

If people were to write a book about you, what would it say? How many people can follow in your footsteps and be successful?

  1. Know when to let go?

People come into your life for a reason and a season. Not everyone is meant to stay and not everyone is meant to be close to you for eternity.

Time to remove some people from your contact list. Delete some numbers. Block some contacts and move on.

If someone is not adding value to you, they are draining you (either emotionally, financially or professionally)…more

Having a lot of friends might be working against your career advancement.

There is a danger in too many people knowing every nity gritty detail about your life.

  1. Don’t just talk – Take action

Be a man/woman of your word. If you plan on doing something, ensure you follow-up your words with action. Whether it’s furthering your education or developing a culture of saving money, let your words turn into real action.

  1. Manage your finances well

You need to increase your revenue year on year (just like a business needs to make profit, are your personal finances reflecting growth each year?).

Don’t buy things on credit to the point that you create a trail of debt that will enslave your family when you die. Avoid “instant gratification” and settle for long term benefits.

Remember, fashion changes like weather. If following trends is sinking you into debt, then is it worth it? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I buying it because I need it or I want it?
  2. Do I really need to upgrade my car, my phone or my fridge? If it aint broke, don’t fix it?
  3. What additional costs do I incur in making my purchase (e.g. higher insurance or maintenance costs)?
  4. 5 years from now, will my spending decisions have negative results or positive results?
  5. How much do I have in savings? Will it be sufficient in times of a crisis?


  1. Clean-up your image

Your personal style is tangible and extremely important for standing out from the crowd

Clean-up your image both on and offline. Don’t dress like you going to a party when you goto a business function. Establish a unique image people can remember positively. Don’t be the lady known to come to work half-dressed.

If you just left varsity, be aware that hairstyles and dress-codes that made you a hit in college might not produce the same results in the professional environment. Clean up your image

Clear your social media profiles of any photos with obscene gestures, unnecessary vodka bottles and foul language.

Remember the business world is different from your social world and your image online should remain clean because it’s the view the world will have of you.

  1. Be a giver

One principle of life that can never be overdone is the principle of giving. Whether you’re giving your time, your money, your service, you open the doors to receive.

How much of yourself have you given towards the benefit of another person or cause?

When you sitting in the bus and you see a 65 year old lady, do you give her your seat?

When you see the homeless man asking for money at the traffic light, do you immediately conclude he dropped out of school to steal from others?

When a new person joins your company, do you feel threatened or you offer to show him/her the ropes.

In 2016, change your approach towards others. Develop a lifestyle of generosity.

  1. Stay motivated & Boost your self-image

As long as you’re alive, you very much qualify to enjoy life as the person next to you.

As 2016 commences, every day, remind yourself that’s it’s a blessing to be alive, and you will give each day your very best effort in whatever you do.

We become what we think

10.  Be bold & courageous

Believe in yourself. Never allow anyone to undermine you in your workplace, home, school or anywhere else. Even if that someone is your boss, your spouse, friend or work colleague, no-matter how rich they are or powerful they are, they have no right to belittle you.

Never let anyone undermine you on account of your race, gender, age, religion, qualifications, height, weight, wealth or social status.

Learn to be bold even in the face of certain challenges.

Never panic or embrace fear. Never put on the face of defeat. Nothing and no-one should intimidate you.

If you train your mind to fight fear, you overcome a lot of things. Remember, no problem stays forever

  1. Use your time productively

We all get 24 hours in a day and no-one gets less or more than that. It’s how we spend our time that makes the difference.

  • Don’t be idle…look for something to do. Learn an instrument or do a short course. Just never stop building yourself. Even if you’re jobless, find something productive to do.
  • Swallow your pride, be humble. God rewards the humble
  • Stop comparing yourself to someone else.
  • Don’t wait for some uncle to bail you out.
  • Neither should you anticipate a sugar daddy to be your lifeline for varsity fees.
  • Stop depending on social grants or government funds to support you

Get busy!!!

Whatever resources you got in your hand – use them wisely.

You got a tablet or a smartphone; use that to write a business plan, launch an online business or create a Facebook page where you can showcase your skills. Sitting and waiting will not help you in any way.


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