How to keep a job

How to keep a job

How to keep a job
A lot of people work so hard to get a job, but several do not know how to keep a job or grow within that position.

Employers look for good workers and unfortunately those are hard to find nowadays.

Below are tips on how to do this…

Be a team player – you have to be able to get along with others. This does not mean being friends with everyone/pleasing everybody

Master your company’s mission & vision statement – as this is what gives you an idea of what they are working towards

Ensure you have a positive attitude every day – that way you will do a better job

Be punctual all the time – never compromise on this

Build a good working relationship with your immediate supervisor or line manager – never undermine your immediate supervisor by going direct to his/her manager

Never speak bad about your co-workers, your boss, the company’s clients or the company itself

Do not disclose your salary to anyone

Behave as though you are co-owner of the company – in your drive towards excellence and productivity.

Develop your skills – be the best at what you do. Ensure you are up-to-date with current trends in your area of work/career.

Motivate yourself to be more proficient in your work – work smarter, cleaner, neater, quicker

Be willing to work overtime when requested to and offer to stay late or work weekends when required

Get involved in company activities – team building, functions, workshops, outings etc.

Be a good communicator – If you are going to be away, ensure you notify your employer

Show creativity and innovation – always have fresh new ideas that can benefit the company

Be willing to help co-workers
Treat customer as king – it’s the customer that keeps the business running

Be able to work without supervision.

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