How much of what you learn at university is useful for your career or even your life?


Consider this…

  • The A students work for the B students
  • The C students run the business
  • The D students dedicate the building

This scenario is evident in several organisations. So, are colleges factories for people getting trained to work for somebody else instead of creating their own empires.

Just how much of what you learn at university is useful for your career or even your life?

Isn’t this traditional system behind the whole concept of the rat race and middle class mentality?

Many employers still think that having a degree means you are fundamentally smarter.

Outside of the medical, accounting, aerospace and a couple of other professions, a degree is not the only entry criteria to pursue the career of your dreams.

Schools, colleges put emphasis on being the Best Student, The smartest, etc yet smart doesn’t imply you’ll be a great leader or a good manager.

  • How many universities teach you how to make money?
  • How many universities teach people negotiation skills
  • How many universities teach people how to manage their finances. How to stay out of debt
  • How many colleges teach you how to write a businessplan – aside from the MBA or business related courses. What if you studied engineering and you now want to start your own business
  • How many colleges teach students how to handle workplace politics, stress, conflict of interest?

People are leaving college with limited knowledge on whats happening around them. They know less about the history of their country, they don’t know who the leaders of their industries or political systems are.


Be aware that success is not predicated by formal education but rather formal education can enhance your chances of success.

Question is:

  • Are you going o university as an investment for your future? More of investing today to get a better paying job tomorrow?
  • Are you going to college to consume information or
  • Are you going college because you’re scared of being jobless and poor.


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