Watch the company you keep


Watch the company you keep

Don’t just let anybody near you because people who are constantly around you define you


The person you become in 5 years is a direct result of the people you surround yourself with today.

The people around you will either pull you down or elevate you to THEIR level. Never think that a person will elevate you beyond their own level

If I ask you the contributions (positive or negative) of the people who’ve been around you in the past 1 year, 2 years, what would you say?

Some people use you as a stepping stone, some as a dumping ground, but you still keep them in your midst. Smell the coffee and walk away!!!

When you’re among the great people – listen more and speak less, because they know more than you do.


In your workplace you know those people that are constantly negative. They undermine others, they murmur about why they not getting promoted or not getting a bonus. Avoid them at all cost. When they venture into “that” conversation, just swiftly excuse yourself.


If you’re a married and you surround yourself with people that are constantly complaining and criticizing their spouses, you are more likely than ever to end up doing the same.


Observe this

People that are always complaining never grow, because every situation they face, they look for problems and obstacles instead of seeing the opportunities behind. If they not blaming their parents, they blaming their boss. If they not blaming their boss, they blaming the government, their neighbour, the foreigners in their country or their partner who broke their heart.


Therefore, watch who you let in your personal space. Treat it like an apartment. You wouldn’t rent your apartment to a careless tenant. Same with your life, don’t rent your emotional, marital or professional space to the wrong crowd.


Rather, fill your heart and mind with happy thoughts, productive thoughts.

Fantasize about that dream house you want, about that sportscar you saving for. Let your mind apply filters to negative and evil thoughts.

Have a great week and God Bless You

Manu Magaya,

Founder @Careercity


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