CVs & Cover Letters


Importance of a well-written cv…
How about this for an analogy: a R10 note and a R200 note are both PIECES OF PAPER. However, just like your cv – as much as they are pieces of paper, their value is determined by WHAT IS PRINTED on the piece of paper. The same applies with your cv. Its just a paper, but what distinguishes it from another paper (cv) is the contents on it.

You may think you are the best candidate for a job due to your experience, qualifications, track record, leadership skills or personality, however someone with less experience, less skills may just get the job you apply for.

A lot of job seekers think just because they fit the job requirements, they can draft a simple cv and yippie…they get called in for the interview.

This is not the case usually. Sometimes when people write their own cv, they fail to reflect the best they have to offer as a job candidate. Your cv is not just a formal document that lists your educational and employment record. You cv is not meant to be informative only – its supposed to be effective. The job market is so competitive that one job listing can receive as many as 400 applications per day. That means you require a very effective resume and cover letter to get interviews.

This simple document called a cv is what can make a difference in your career (and life).


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