How social media can damage your career

social media can damage your career
social media can damage your career

How social media can damage your career

Are you in the habit of posting careless comments or images on Facebook? Maybe you have posted a negative comment about your boss, the government or ex?

You might wana think again…
EVERYTHING you post on social media has the potential of blowing up all around the world…one nasty Facebook comment can cost you a job, a business deal or a client. It may even cost you your career.

If you’re not sure of the damage your social media rants can cause; ask Justine Sacco, a former PR executive for IAC, the global media company that owns the likes of,, Vimeo and more who sparked a firestorm of controversy on Twitter late last year after posting a careless and racist tweet about AIDS in Africa.

A lot of young people are costing themselves jobs, promotions and lucrative opportunities by using social media as a platform to air out their views in ways which are not so wise.
Be smart…think first before you post that comment or status update – you never know who might read it in the future.

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