Your co-workers are not your friends


Your co-workers are not your friends
In the workplace, you should never get so “common” with people that you let them into
your personal life and get your feelings hurt.

You need to draw the line between your work and your personal life.

Remember, some people are prepared to do “anything” to get ahead even if that
includes stepping over others.

You can still be cordial and nice without “getting involved”.

It goes without saying; never use the office as a dating service and minimise your
socializing with co-workers – on any level cause soon the professional lines become
blurred and next thing you’re exposing your personal life to people that you
should’nt. In fact, I don’t even go to the Christmas party. Go to work, do your job,
and then go home.

There are no friends at work! Yes there are colleagues with whom you go for coffee or
lunch with, or are part of your lift club or share casual jokes. There may even be
colleagues that you invite to family events like baby showers, graduation parties
etc. In fact you may have even invited them to your wedding.

However, always remember that the goal for most individuals at work is to advance in
their careers (promotion, salary increase, awards and accolades). How else can one
achieve this?

  • By increasing your visibility,
  • Gaining the right exposure,
  • Being noticed by the key players inside and outside of your organization.

Some people use authentic, legitimate and ethically motivated techniques to achieve
those goals, however for some its a “do whatever it takes” approach and this may
include stepping on top of others, trashing others to get to the next pay grade.
Always remember this:

In the workplace a friend today is a foe tomorrow.

It is absolutely necessary to build and develop relationships at work. This is not a
social exercise. There will be people that you genuinely enjoy and like and
colleagues with whom you will develop genuine friendships–that will happen
effortlessly. But the goal of building workplace relationships is to accomplish your
professional and business goals. Even if you don’t feel this way, know that your
colleagues do.

Stop getting emotional. If someone has disappointed you, take it as a gift. Now you
know how they think and how they operate. Your job now is to be smarter about how you
interact with them.

Always act with integrity — even if you feel others with whom you have a relationship

Limit your favors to co workers as much as possible if something goes down they are
not going to stick out their necks for you, Never take co workers personally because
you are associates, not friends.

So, in the workplace its “Every man for himself and God for us all”


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